The Dead Linger Wiki

The Dead Linger is a first-person zombie survival game by Sandswept Studios, featuring procedurally generated worlds of up to 63,000x63,000 square kilometers (roughly 4,000,000,000 kilometers) focusing on survival aspects and techniques to evade zombies in an open-world sandbox environment. Currently there are no plans for a story, the main goal is specifically to survive. The game went into Alpha on October 31st, 2012, and eventually it will allow you to drive cars, barricade windows, craft items, explore diverse areas, and kill zombies. Lots of zombies. With an initial Windows release with possible Mac and Linux releases to follow, you can buy The Dead Linger Early Access for a discounted price of $19.99. Dragging the zombie-survival genre back into reality, the game requires you to use your head and stay on your toes to stave off the zombie horde. You are not alone, however: in LAN or Internet-based multiplayer you can compete or cooperate with up to 16 other players. The official The Dead Linger wiki is home to to the information you need to survive; read up on what you need to know to stay ahead or add your own survival knowledge. The wiki currently has 177 articles.