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The inventory

The inventory or backpack is where players store the items they've collected. It is split up into two basic sections: the backpack and the belt. It is a so-called "block space" inventory; a grid divides it into squares, and each item takes up a certain amount of squares. Naturally, large items take up more squares than small ones. When a player wants to pick up an item and the inventory cannot be rearranged to make a block of free squares in which it will fit, they must drop or equip something before they can pick up the new item. The inventory shares a menu with a player's equipment, and the crafting menu can be opened from it.

There is no weight limit imposed by the inventory, though excessive carried weight can cause maneuverability problems. Because no item is smaller than one square, the maximum amount of items a player can carry is equal to the amount of squares of inventory space available to them.

The backpack[edit | edit source]

This is the main section of the inventory, providing the most slots. Items in this section must be accessed by going into the inventory/equipment menu, and from here a player may drag items to their equipment slots or to the belt. The size of the inventory backpack is directly determined by the backpack item a player is wearing: a large backpack like the Kickstarter provides many more slots than the starting backpack.

The belt[edit | edit source]

The belt is a special section of the inventory in the bottom left of the inventory menu, made up of a two horizontal rows of blocks. Items on the belt can be quickly accessed through one of the hotkeys, without a player needing to open the menu and taking it from the backpack. An item on the belt does not take up backpack space. Development screenshots show ten belt slots; as of June 2012 it is unknown whether some belt items provide more slots than others.

Backpack & Belt

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