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Urban zones are regions of the map created by the world generator. Urban zones are areas with many buildings and a lot more zombies and supplies than rural zones.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Suburbs[edit | edit source]

Suburbs are a common urban zone consisting of houses and roads.

Common type of structure found in suburban zones:

These structures will occasionally spawn in suburban zones:

A typical Suburban area

Towns[edit | edit source]

Towns are more populated zones differentiated by suburbs with having more variety of structures such as stores and offices.

The types of buildings found on farmland include:

A town.

History[edit | edit source]

Version Change
Build 13
  • Zones now have randomly generated names based on the type of zone. This name displays on the top right compass.
Build 11
  • You can now find two types of Under-Construction suburban homes in suburban neighborhoods. These are a good place to find wood and building supplies.
  • There is a new, large building — a LeLand’s Supermarket. (Congratulations to Kickstarter backer Jonathan Leland!)
Build 010h
  • Suburban neighborhoods now have more trees in them.
Build 009
  • Large, looming 4-story office buildings now spawn in Town zones. These are filled with loot, as well as numerous undead, and provide a great vantage point over a town.
  • Suburban neighborhoods now have a higher amount of trees in the yards.
  • Swerts now only have a 1% chance of spawning in Suburban zones.
  • Swerts now have a 20% chance of appearing in Town zones.
  • Fixed a huge bug that was causing Town zones to never spawn.
  • City zones (which looked similar to Suburban zones) can no longer be found in the world, as we prepare them for a much bigger re-appearance in the future.
  • Town zones will almost always have at least 1 water tower.
  • Suburban zones now have a very rare chance of having a water tower.
  • City zones (which were currently identical to Town zones) have been removed until we have unique buildings (i.e. skyscrapers) prepared for them.
Build 006
  • There are multiple new areas to find, including (but not limited to) towns.
  • Players should now always initially spawn in a suburban neighborhood or town.
Build 001
  • World generation with limited content.

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