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Vehicles offer players a means to cross large areas of the map at a decent speed, and can potentially be mounted with (or used as) weapons. However, vehicles in working order will be somewhat rare. As of Build 13 the bicycle is the only type of vehicle in the game.

Types of vehicles[edit | edit source]

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Bicycle[edit | edit source]

The first type of vehicle added the The Dead Linger, bicycles are commonly found in suburban house garages. This bicycle seats one person. Certain bicycles (when variety is added) will travel faster or slower on different terrain types. Currently the only bicycle in-game is faster on roads compared with grass or other terrain, named the "Bigfoot." Fall damage is greatly reduced when on a bicycle.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Vehicles are controlled in the most basic way using the movement keys: w, a, s, and d by default. The mouse can be used to look around. You can lock your speed on a vehicle by using "auto-run". On a bicycle the shift key will cause the bicycle to sprint.

Future content[edit | edit source]

Originally complex vehicles were planned as one of the last features added to the alpha release. The Weekly Dead 11 update confirm cars will be added in the near future.[1] Cars, boats, planes and trains are currently planned. Driving vehicles is intended to be true to reality in various ways. For example, there is no visible speedometer on the HUD; players must look at the dashboard gauges to see their speed. A player has to open the doors of a car before they can get in, and they are able to walk around inside large vehicles, such as buses. Crashing a car is noisy (thus attracting zombies) and can cause disorientation, unconsciousness, injury and death. Players are able to use one-handed weapons while driving and passengers can use two handed weapons.[2]

Modifications will be welded onto vehicles using the crafting system to add new functionalities.[3]